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Monday, March 22, 2004

What a week. Can I say "whew" in advance?

Today & tomorrow work freelance gig. Tomorrow night go to hush-hush reading. Wednesday pack and photocopy endless AWP materials, print & sew extra Spookies, print extra MS, print extra Shanna to help out with all this. Wednesday night go to KGB reading to hear Jonathan, John Hennesy, Glyn Maxwell, & Mark Lamoureaux and endure the Billy-Collins-induced crowd. Thursday morning get my ass and hubby's ass on the plane to Chicago. AWP for the rest of the week and weekend. Saturday celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary and 10th "real" anniversary. Sunday home again home again jiggedy jig.

Can't wait to see Josh and hang out outta town with Chris & Dan & Tom & Daphne. And still hoping Laurel will not not go. Who else will be there? Wanna help me and & Dan heckle J*an H*ulihan?

As Josh threatened, there may not be much time for blogging, but since I am seriously addicted to my internet connection and ever so mobility-enabled, I shall at least post occasional reports--with photos! Perhaps in sonnet form.

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