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Thursday, March 11, 2004

On being assed

I asked sister for clarification on her remark about the Brits below. Here is her response:

"I can´t be Assed" means "I don´t want to" or "I´m too lazy to" but they use it so much Shanna that  it makes me want to throwup...For example, "I want tea but I can´t be assed to make it," "I really can´t be assed to go to class today," "I would go out drinking but I can´t be assed," "I have to pee but I can´t be assed to get up."

Once Feliss (my roomate) said "i can´t be assed eventhough there is nothing I can´t be assed to do."  ... Isn´t that horrible?  Thats a couple disappointments away from a shotgun to the mouth if youask me.  

anyway love ya

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