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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dear male poets,

Have you ever had a creepy, condescending, pretentious a-hole of an anonymous Amazon reviewer talk about YOUR breasts?

Well, lucky freaking you.

Cuz this is what that might look like.

I was really surprised, because, I mean: Isn't sexism dead?

I think you should buy a copy of Warsaw Bikini in protest. I know where you can get one: link.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Monday, March 22, 2010

I'm up this week at No Tell Motel.

Update: Oops, not a permalink. Please look for March 2010 in the archives, here.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Incredibly important, poignant & possibly poetic things I feel I really must blog about, like, now

Today's mental soundtrack included some Karen Carpenter, the theme from The A-Team, a little Marvin Gaye, Sparklehorse (so tragic), Alex Chilton & Big Star, and lots and lots of Ronnie Milsap.

I bought a mango from Peru and felt guilty. It's in the kitchen pouting because I won't eat it.

I think I sunburned my forehead. Little overeager re: spring.

Speaking of spring, I saw a really skinny groundhog this morning.

I told some of you some of these things via email. They're so pressing, I have to say them twice I guess, and direct them toward the internet at large.

Wow, the internet is really large. Just google Ronnie Milsap for instance.

There's been some updating activity on Alex Chilton's Wikipedia page today. I haven't had the heart to check Sparklehorse's. Or Barry Hannah's.

Now I'm thinking about death, which reminds me I have another installment of the (beautiful) tributes to Lucille Clifton to put up in a few days.

I think next week is my week at No Tell Motel. Don't worry, I will post again when the poems are up because I learned to do that in grad school. I thought of that to cheer myself up from thinking about the deaths of all these people above. Deaths are not always sad for the people who die I guess. I think the Sparklehorse guy tried really hard, for a long time. Poor dude. Maybe he and DFW can smoke some weed out past Pluto or wherever. Non-planet status probably wouldn't bother guys like them.

That was brief, the cheering up portion. I'm not really in need of cheering, actually. I feel pretty insert expletive fantastic lately. Today was great. I went to the gym, and spent a lot of time outside, I bought some lovely fresh food and felt really lucky about being able to do that, and I worked a little more on the new Bloof book, which makes me laugh every time. And I gave some of my friends some free shit, which is always fun to do. And then Laura C. sent me a link to this and my cheeks turned pink like my forehead, but not from sunburn.

Here's another really great thing I read on the internet this week.

How are you?

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Welcome to the Hypothetical Library!

Book designer to the stars (Soft Skull, Top Shelf, Bloof, No Tell Books, LIT, Penguin, et al.), Charlie Orr kicks off a new project designing covers for books that will never exist. Welcome to the Hypothetical Library!