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Wednesday, March 24, 2004

The ever-popular best of the keyword searches

The following keyword searches landed folks somewhere on my site.

school ticklings

can a foreigner be an exectuor on a will in NY

i am sorry poem

geodes prayer rug

Octavia rhythmic gymnastics

pissing accident

neck face grafitti

houseplants love poem

what to do water on ibook [ouch!]

noisemakers, antique chicken

kids project tricorner hats

i miss the 80s

serious poems for fifth graders

tatler magazine - february 2004 guide to best plastic surgeon

my papas waltz misunderstood affection

insects taxidermy new york city

write to a prisoner shanna west

free poems about insects

dose heaven have a phone number poem

cnn possum drop top ten places to be on new years eve

oportunity mars hole on mrs

jeff tweedy shortwave

pawpaw tunnel

And the best of all:

beautiful seahorse toilet seat

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