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Sunday, March 28, 2004

Also met...

Christopher Chambers of the New Orleans Review (and who has work in LIT, his friend the chef-poet-editor whose name I neglected to write down, Chris Stroffolino live and in person, Deborah Ager and her husband from 32 Poems.

I witnessed the first live and in-person meeting of Josh Corey & Jordan Davis.

Still too many to name. Every time I try I realize how woefully sieve-like my mind is on this score.

I did see Michael Broder (of the Ear Inn Series), but can't believe I never once laid eyes on Jason Schneiderman.

Ken Waldman, Alaska's fiddling poet!

Met Charles Valle at the Fence table. But not Max Winter.

Chit-chatted with Ethan Paquin (Slope Editions) and Vincent Standley (3rd Bed) and had lots of fun with Tom Hopkins, Betty, Nicole PBQ, Marion Wrenn & Daphne Gottlieb. Hashed the sestina practice with Jonah Winter, but never found Jim Cummins. Met Heidi Peppermint. Met Davis Schneiderman.

Never saw either Kent Johnson or Henry Gould. Nor Christopher Edgar, nor Dan Beachy-Quick (who has work in LIT.

Did not manage to buy most of the books I wanted, since I was too busy hawking LITs and Soft Skull wares. Richard: We need SSP t-shirts. Folks kept asking, waving money!

Missed Daniel Nester mountains. Everyone did.

Visited with David Trinidad & Denise Duhamel & Maureen Seaton. Court Green looks fabulous, by the way!

More, more, more. I wish I had seen Laurel Snyder more.

Time to pack up. Where's that coffee? Ah, thanks honey.

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