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Sunday, November 7, 2010

To be continued, I guess

So I said I'd be writing more about reading, and then haven't had time to do that.

I finshed this though.

I will continue with this series, read at least the second novel, to give the characters a chance. (It's a highly respected series so benefit of doubt extended). But I found myself disappointed in this first installment; it was slow and there was lots of setup for not so much payoff. The white guy problems of the detective were not all that interesting. To be fair, I think I have been spoiled by Stieg Larsson and Maj Sjöwall & Per Wahlöö, who for the mere reason of their Swedishnish and a shared genre I can't help but compare.

I've picked up this one now, which is not at all Swedish, and shares a certain southern extravagance of language that deeply pleases me, as in Faulkner and McCarthy, though not quite *that* lush, more Hannah or Powell sort of sentences, though that's not really right either. Brutal beauty, so far. (Typically the character is described as a brunette but they've chosen a blond for the movie, which I haven't seen.)

Winter's Bone, Daniel Woodrell

Continuing with the other books too, from the previous books post. (I typically read many things at once, a habit from school I guess, but sometimes a novel will pull me so far in everything else waits until I am "back.")

Nothing more penetrating to say at the moment, should anyone be looking for that kind of thing.

Louis CK was great Friday night though. I think he has a cold, but it didn't tamp him down all that much.