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Thursday, March 11, 2004

My little sister is in Spain.

But Barcelona, thank heavens.

No reason is good enough.

UPDATE: Sister is fine, of course. She says:

"i was surprised but I haven´t heard from Mom yet... I thought she would have called first thing.  I guess she has her hands full with all the kids.  We had class today but it was canceled so that all the students could go to the demonstration against the attacks.  It was very surreal. I am not planning to go to Madrid anytime soon... I am going to Bilboa though with Ben and we are going to go to the Guegenhiem... I figure that should be pretty safe.  Yeah, Ben is coming tomorrow.  He will be a welcome break from all these damn British people.  There all right but all that 'I can´t be assed' that they say all the time makes me want to hit them."

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