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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Great things

1. Last weekend I lost my keys somewhere inside a one-million square-foot Costco warehouse store. THEY HAVE JUST BEEN FOUND.

2. Yesterday was my one-year anniversary of going vegan. BEST DECISION EVER. Never felt better, in both body and mind. (More on this later.)

3. It's a beautiful day. I am going outside to run.

4. I have not yet missed a day in the April poems game. I think this is only the second year (of 5) that I have made it this far without a stumble. So they're drafty, and not all keepers, WHO CARES?

5. My friends are fantastic. I LOVE THEM.

6. These five things are doing a whole lot to buoy me up from under all the crap stuff I am not posting. Much needed!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Second week of April...

...& all we have to show for it is more poems. This kind of wanton abundance must be bad for literature. WE DESTROY CULTURE.

Sure, whatever.

Danielle's poems
Sandra's poems
My poems
Jen's poems (at Ada's blog; check out Ada's & Jason's poem there too)
Anne's stuff

And new podcasts from Edwin Torres, Todd Colby (again), Peter Davis (again), Maureen Thorson here. Plus a bunch more coming up.

Things might quiet down for me this weekend. I've got dental surgery in the morning (the first of three, oh ugh) & will have a few stitches. Since I can't take most pain meds I might be feeling unbloggy for a couple of days. We'll see.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

An Evening of Contemporary Poetry: Conceptual Writing and The Flarf Collective

An Evening of Contemporary Poetry: Conceptual Writing and The Flarf Collective
Friday, April 17 7pm
Conceived and organized by poet Kenneth Goldsmith on the occasion of the exhibition Jenny Holzer: PROTECT PROTECT

This reading presents eight writers associated with two cutting-edge movements in contemporary poetry: Conceptual Writing and The Flarf Collective. The followers of both movements employ technology to write their works, often using strategies familiar to the visual arts: appropriation, falsification, insincerity, and plagiarism. Fusing the avant-garde impulses of the last century with the technologies of the present, these strategies propose an expanded field for twenty-first century poetry. This new writing is not bound exclusively between the pages of a book and it continually morphs from the printed page to the webpage, from the gallery space to the science lab, from the social space of the poetry reading to social space of the blog. It is a poetics of flux, one that celebrates instability and uncertainty.

Featured poets: Christian Bök, Nada Gordon, Kenneth Goldsmith, Sharon Mesmer, K. Silem Mohammad, Kim Rosenfield, Gary Sullivan, Darren Wershler-Henry

This event is free with Museum Admission, which is pay-what-you-wish during Whitney After Hours on Fridays from 6-9 pm.

[Note: it appears that online reservations are no longer available, but tickets might be available at the admissions desk on the night of the event. Inquiries: public_programs@whitney.org or (212) 570-7715.]

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Movie Nite May 1st & 2nd @ Dixon Place, NYC

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More info

First week of NaPoWriMo

The daily poems & podcasts are humming along over at the Bloof blog. There's so much going on it's actually a little hard to keep up. Here's a linktrail to navigate:

Danielle's poems
Sandra's poems
My poems
Jen's poems (at Ada's blog; check out Ada's & Jason's poem there too)
Anne's poems (but start with the corresponding prose work here)

And podcasts so far from Todd Colby, Peter Davis, Reb Livingston, & Michael Schiavo here.

Also, Maureen (as usual!) has a much more complete NaPoWriMo blogroll in her sidebar, here.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Rosy Complexion

Carmen Gimenez Smith dolls up some language from one of my poems to terrific effect here.

Oh, "She will be filthy."

(Thank you for the honor, Carmen!)

NaPoWriMo already has sprung so many interesting things. But who will be the first to podcast, hmm?

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Three things

1. The games have begun.

2. An awesome interview with Sharon Mesmer [TOC link; interview is pdf format]

3. I have been reading The Golden Age of Paraphernalia by Kevin Davies this week, and am of the opinion that you should also do this, to enrich your life.