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Saturday, March 27, 2004

Schmoozy (perhaps somewhat boozy) notes from the book fair.

Met bloggers Reb Livingston and Laurel Snyder. Woohoo.

I saw Josh Corey for about .75 minute at Quimby's on Thursday night.

Finally met Brian Evenson in person.

Crashed an NYU alumni gathering with Hannah Tinti & Tom Hopkins. (People kept asking if I went to school there. Yes, I'm Daniel Nester. Of course.)

Saw David Trinidad briefly yesterday--hope to see him again today!

Saw Dan Machlin from Futurepoem, Vincent Standley from 3rd Bed, and Patrick Donnelly from Poets & Writers. If just seeing counts, there are too many people to name, really.

Met Eric Lorberer from Rain Taxi, a good friend to Soft Skull.

Chatted with Mark Bibbins in the hotel bar last night before we hit a party upstairs with the ever-gorgeous Miss Marion Wrenn.

Had beers at Berghoff with Matthew Zapruder, who was on lunch-fetching duty for Big Small Press Mall.

You can't turn around without tripping over a poet.

Purchased: The Wavering Knife by Brian Evenson, Wakenight Emporium by A. B. West, Everyday Psychokillers: A History for Girls by Lucy Corin (all FC2), At Port Royal by Christopher Edgar (AIP), and Juniper Fuse by Clayton Eshleman.

Received: Painted Bride Quarterly: Print Annual 2, in which I appear, and which is rightfully advertised and their book fair table as 28 oz of poetic bliss; and Redivider, a new journal from Emerson College.

Traded a Spooky for Daphne Gottlieb's new chapbook Destroyer of All Things.

Plans to hit a panel this afternoon may fall to the wayside in favor of plans to hit the modern art museum.

Hubby is sporting a fashionable new haircut, part 70s rocker, part razor-layered punk. Thanks, Chicago!

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