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Friday, March 26, 2004

We are the new now. Now where is our internet?

Details about the panel discussion to come, but the highlights were a group audblog to [expurgated]'s site (which I doubt is intelligible). 9 almost instantaneous comments on Daphne's LiveJournal posted in front of a real human audience interested in online community building. And Daniel Nester's surprise contribution.


For the first 45 minutes of the panel, we had no internet connection. Which made things difficult--or we thought it would--but once we got started, things rolled along fine, I thought.

Here's a shot of Tom trying to hook us up.

And here are some shots of Daphne & Meghan from my end of the table.

And Jordan, with Daphne & Tom, once we were finally online.

I hope we stressed how easy blogging and using the internet can be, and how useful a tool we've all found it to be. And how much fun we have with it. And that we highlighted some of the creative possibilities in collaboration, discussion, etc. Always there's more to cover. I'm not sure we really got to "what's next."

Gotta prepare for my reading now. That will involve hitting at least one reception for a pre-reading cocktail, don't ya know.

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