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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I almost skipped it, because I am insane . . .

. . . but I went to the ACA Galleries last night after work, & got to see Rosmarie & Keith Waldrop, plus readings by Marjorie Welish (again, so soon), Pam Rehm, Michael Gizzi, Ray Ragosta, & also listen to a very cool sound theater piece by Robert Quillen Camp from a series re: modes of transportation (the elevator piece). (It was the 45th Anniversary party for Burning Deck.) Some stray lines I pocketed:

KW: "45 years . . . I think the average for most small presses is about a year and a half. But some people are more stubborn than others. After a while we just didn't know how to stop."

MG: "noon would love to behave like midnight for once"

"he knew why the caged bird split"

"human nature is a public nuisance"

PR: "night has a thing in it that cannot be calmed"

RR: "those insects counterpoint"

"emotion, a candle. Neither affects the other."

"a dryspell about to go haywire"

MW: "A herd or a flock is numerically great. Is this a gift?"

"Insert twilight below.
Below nothing?
The software for twilight."

RQC's elevator piece combined music and voices, his own as well as two recorded characters--George in the left speaker, Rene in the right. He manipulated a soundboard and small keyboard, connected to a Mac. A love story cum video game walkthrough. George ascends through an intricately constructed building full of broken elevators, bridges, water, ladders, etc. to reach Rene's apartment on the upper floors. The piece begins with the ringing of an elevator alarm--the panic button. George is ringing for Rene, who answers via intercom. (There are many ellipses in this exceprt, and music/soundscape interludes.)

George: I want to see you.

Rene: It will be very difficult. And it won't seem worth it.

George: I want to see you.

Rene: It's complicated. There are many doors, and you'll need all the codes. I guess I can walk you through it.

[ . . . ]

George: There's a man. He's seen me.

Rene: Is he wearing a raincoat? And a green visor?

George: Yes. What should I do?

Rene: It's OK. He's a hologram. Don't talk to him.

[ . . . ]

George: I'm in an office. It looks like an office. There are lots of books.

Rene: Don't read the books! [Audience laughs]

I don't want to give away the end. You can listen to samples of other pieces here.

On the way home I read half of Sean Cole's new Boog book The December Project. Wow. (More re: that later.)

In 3 days, I will be here:

There are deer in twin and triplet sets. Moose. Even a bear. (& no internets.)

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