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Friday, April 23, 2004

Party report...

In a word, delightful. Everyone raved about the books and I promptly forgot the afternoon. Jane Freilicher's paintings were full of blooms & beachy light. The gallery was buzzing with talk & laughter. Jeffrey Leppendorf from CLMP and Shana Liebman from HEEB now have faces to go with their names. Discovered Kenward Elmslie in the flesh is an imposing figure (he's very tall with large, strong hands) but has a ready grin. Charmed by the fabled editorial disobedience of Mr. Ron Padgett (a story for another time). Met the much chronicled James, riding Jordan's hip. Winked at Paul Violi for no good reason. Received Erica Kaufman's chapbook (more to come) as well as her company. Toured the room on David L's elbow. Laughed with Luis when I recognized his friend from the J. Crew catalog (she models there, I used to write it). Passed along kind words to Stacey Harwood whose poems are a big hit in LIT. Partied down with Matt Madden. Took a moment to soak up the historical essence of the Tibor de Nagy gallery. Sold loads of books. And of course corner-hugged a bit with Charlie and Chris and Shawn.

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