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Saturday, April 17, 2004

Borrowed Jargon: Thanks for playing

Working on the p. 23 cento now, with sentences provided by Tony Tost, Maureen Thorson, James Meetze, Josh Corey, Laurel Snyder, Matt Shin, Katey Nicosia, Kasey Mohammad, Stephanie Young, Shafer Hall, Marcus Slease, Mark Lamoureaux, Jilly Dybka, Michael Snider, Del Cross, Tim Yu, Ivy, Greg, Robert Flach, Adam Clay, Noah Gordon, Aaron Tieger & Alli Warren.

Not only have I learned some new words (lots of folks were at work, so we turned up some jargon), but I have found new blogs to read too. Thanks!

Did I miss you? Let me know.

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