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Thursday, February 11, 2010


In the next week or so, hopefully, I will be migrating the various Blogger pages built into this site (http://www.shannacompton.com) to newly created subdomains.

I will be doing this because Blogger will no longer support FTP publishing to paths on my domains.

Aside: I love saying "my domains."

Anyway, what this means is that the URLs for the pages will change formats, like: www.shannacompton.com/blog.html will become blog.shannacompton.com.

This will also affect the "readings" and "poems" and "gamers" pages here. The other pages will stay where they are.

I will put in redirects and fix the nav bar so the new pages will be automatically found. But if you could update your blogrolls/links/bookmarks that'd be cool.

In fact this is probably a pretty good time to do a full redesign of little ol me-dot-com but WHO HAS TIME FOR THAT SHIZNIT?

I just wanted to mention this will be happening in case the folks who stop by during the switchover are freaked out thinking I've died or something. Like my mom.

OK, my mom doesn't really read this blog. So like, Jen or Maureen or whoever you lovely people are.


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