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Monday, October 13, 2008

Yo, Georgia! UPDATE: & North Carolina!

We--and by "we" I mean Jennifer L. Knox, Sandra Simonds & myself--will be heading your way in about a month: Friday, November 14.

We're gonna go visit Bruce Covey, the world's tallest poet, and do a reading at Emory University, which has a beeeeyooootiful campus. And hopefully we'll see Laurel and Collin and Kodak and Laura too. We had a blast downthataway in 2005. (Hey, is there decent vegan food in Atlanta?)

Trying to decide if we should fly or drive though. Driving the space-age hybrid is more economical since we'd be HOV, but we can't think of any place else to stop and maybe get in another reading as we zip through VA/NC/SC. You got any ideas?


Sandra Simonds, Jennifer L. Knox & Shanna Compton
Hosted by Bruce Covey
Emory University
Bldg/Room TBD
Decatur/Atlanta, GA

Patrick Herron, Jennifer L. Knox & Shanna Compton
Minor American Reading Series
Hosted by Kate Pringle & Maggie Zurawski
Location TBD
Durham, NC

(Big thanks to Evie Shockley & Kate Greenstreet for their help, and to Kate & Maggie for fitting us in!)

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