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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Guys, Can You Please Help Me Get a Rape Kit?

           For Mel Nichols

America, my head is made of African ivory and Tennesse marble.
We just overloaded the little fluff head
in a practice debate on a ruffly green lawn
surrounded by a metaphorical desert.
Somewhere, a candidate shines like a factoid oasis.

Tonight should be like taking a pistol to a wrestling match.
The risk is not in overreaching,
but overcoming. Words are what someone else
tells you to say. But America knows who the real
me is in my own words without the script.
Just call me racism n sexsim.

All I know for sure is patriots don't vote for Muslims, or
for those who seek the interconvulutes of my poor cerebrum.
Leave the chihuaha without a bone to chew on.
Jill American lands a fair point: Libs are such wimps.

In other words America, I am dumb, just like you.
I excite the militarized bone. I am vast,
and contain variety. Also some mediums.
All the ones that have been put in front of me
over the years are the ones I have understood.
I am indiscriminating. I reared my head up from a little child.

Tonight I will turn my TV off.
It seves as a impenatrable barrier.

With apologies to whoever wrote the first line as it appears here. Didn't realize it was already a poem when I flarfnabbed it. I just couldn't resist it!

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