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Friday, October 3, 2008

Multiple choice

If you missed the debate, find it online. Several times, Gwen Ifill (who I think did a good job in general) gave Palin *multiple choice* questions. Perhaps she was attempting to address the worries that she was "in the bag."

Whatevs. I watched the whole thing. Palin still doesn't make sense. She was breathing in a very rushed, odd way much of the time (visibly nervous, especially in the beginning), but managed to bluster right through spots that would have been silence or sputtering had she not improved on her mistakes in the Couric interviews.

Was she better? Yes. Did she sound like she knew what she was talking about? No.

And ugh, the winking! Her accent was comically exaggerated, alsohhhhh.

By the way, Bosniaks is not only a perfectly fine word, it's the correct one.

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