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Monday, April 30, 2007

See you next year

Previous episodes:

Smooth, Or with Very Small Teeth (April 1)
Headless Female Torso (April 2)
The More Lenient Personals (April 3)
Need Anything from Home Depot? (April 4)
Pruning of the Shrubby (April 5, but not posted till the 6th)
If No New Continent or Ice Barrier Intervene (April 6)
Young America, in a Dress Coat at Seventeen, Finds Them All to Be Monstrous Slow (April 7)
Hey Mike (April 11)
To attenuate to or almost to (April 13)
Here's What She Should Do (April 14)
Sunday (April 15)
The Offices of Women (April 16)
Untitled 1 (April 17)
Untitled 2 (April 17)
Begin Here (April 18)
Much, Much Too Late (April 19)
Living on a County Road (April 20)
The Blue One with the Tail (April 21, posted on the 22nd)
Tow Path (April 22)
Hunting Accident (April 23)
Whence All This Delight (April 24, posted on the 25th)
An Occurrence on the Road (April 25)
Gift Economy (April 26)
Won't Stick to Wounds (April 27)
Dear Bread-and-Butter, (April 28, posted on the 29th)
The Debutante (April 30)

What is NaPoWriMo?

Historical notes: Maureen has been doing this since 2002, & in some years has even attempted 2 or 3 poems per day! I have been playing along with her since April 2004, when I failed utterly & rather spectacularly to make it through even half the month. (As a poetry editor/publicist at the time, National Poetry Month was too too busy at work, alas.) But I did better in 2005, despite AWP in Vancouver overlapping a bit at the beginning. Last year was the first time I managed 30 poems in 30 days, but I still missed a few in real time & had to play catch up. (That's OK, by my rules, & if I manage it again this time, hooray.) Not all the poems are keepers, but many are, & the rest are recycled or composted. In 2006, Maureen made a tiny chapbook with one poem from a bunch of participants.

How it works here on this blog: NaPoWriMo poems will be published in a single evolving post, each day's new poem will replace the poem from the day before. No archiving, no botnapping.

Other NaPoWriMers:
Maureen Thorson (@ a special blog) & friends
Ivy Alvarez (who offers these cute blog buttons)
Ada Limon & Jennifer L. Knox
Reb Livingston
Jennifer Bartlett
Elisa Gabbert & Kathy Rooney
Jen Tynes
Robin Reagler (not at her usual place)
Michelle Detorie
Sharon Mesmer
Kirsten Kaschock
& a buncha LiveJournalers here, including Tiffany Noonan & Josh Hanson, among others!
Kasey Mohammad (moved 'em to his poem blog)
Mel Nichols (ditto)
Laurel Snyder
Suzanne Frischkorn
Jessica Rowan
Nate Logan
Ian Keenan
Kaya Oakes
Janet Holmes
Mike Young
Anne Haines
Vicky, a.k.a. vmh
Julie Carter
Sandra Beasley
Sarah Bartlett & Chris Tonelli
Michael Gushue
Steve Roberts
Harry Rutherford
Deborah Ager
Michael Schiavo
Nathan Austin
Michelle Fierro
Dax Bayard-Murray
Shafer Hall & John Cotter
Susana Gardner
Elizabeth Hildreth
Cathy Eisenhower
Josh Keiter

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