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Saturday, August 5, 2006

Yesterday this blog turned three.

Me.com is more like five. & actually I first put a mini site up at home.earthlink.net in 1997.


The home.earthlink.net site designs 1 & 2 were based on my collection of advertising materials for the Olivetti Lettera. (We also collect the machines & I use a refurbished one to revise.) Instead of a photo of myself, I asked Charlie to make me an icon. It's actually based on a painting he did for me in 1995. I'm made out of punctuation!


When the blog was called "Brand New Insects" (which was the title of a now-dead MS, before Down Spooky), I found some insect drawings from an old magazine article & a stock photo of a bug. That scheme was pink & green. Updated with the gape-mouthed kid & switched to red/black/grey to complement the Gamers cover.


In the last update, I dropped the defunct title, but kept the insect theme. This is a robotic bug from my toy collection.

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