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Friday, July 14, 2006

But it's true

There are two grey squirrels fighting like mad outside my window. I can only see the tails, but the branches of the tree are going crazy. They've been at it for half an hour.

The most important thing on my mind lately is giving up bottled water. It is a fact that NYC's drinking water is some of the best in the country. However, I have a psychological aversion to it. I had a filter pitcher for a while, but damn those are expensive, the filters. Then bought a faucet filter, less packaging, no plastic, but it didn't fit my stupid sink. Once I began thinking about the transport of bottled H2O, not to mention all the plastic, I could no longer justify the irrefutable fact that I must be hydrated to live. This is an utterly preposterous "problem" to have. Over there any water at all.

I drank spring water, straight from a spring, for a week in Montana. I also went swimming in it. It was fucking freezing. And delicious.

Large groups of human beings are innately tragic & infuriating. A lone human, often ditto.

Which state of our union will coddle us sufficiently, to our peaces. Ours. The one with the most grass & the most sky. The one with the most work & the most social stimulation. (Social stimulation & overstimulation being a precarious tipping point for a partial agoraphobe with an anxiety disorder married to a habitual grump. We have lots of fun at home.) This one. That one. Any of them. Are there differences. Yes there are differences. Which differences make The Difference.

We know what home is. Have you seen it?

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