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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Publishers Weekly reviews For Girls (& Others)

"'For Girls,' the first of the two sequences that make up the book, responds to, reacts against and takes many phrases from an 1882 'health manual' with the same title: its advice on fashion, bodies and morals gives rise, in Compton's hands, to quirky but politically pointed verse. 'Comedy of Manners,' the second sequence, [...] hints of romantic narrative, frequent sarcasm, riffs on found texts and ambitious range of diction (from elaborate to vulgar) all serve Compton's consistent interest in how and whether the culture will ever let girls grow up."

Link to the full review (& thanks to C. Dale for the tip!)

Right now, you can only get the book here or via Powell's (because it's still not yet showing up in the distro system, alas).

Pretty much every page on this site is now out of date, most especially the blogroll. It's on my (very very very very) long to-do list. Sure it is.

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