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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Happy new year

Um, hi. I'm feeling shy in front of my own blog. Funny.

Even though the daily bits I've been posting are mostly eh, I'm going to stick with it until I crack this unproductive streak. My excuse? That old saw "garbage in, garbage out."

Sina has posted the interview we did. Very interesting questions. (Thanks, Sina!) A few poems from For Girls (& Others) too.

& speaking of interviews, look to Bookslut on Thursday. Jason Jones will be posting a (really funny) interview with your friend & mine, Jennifer L. Knox.

One more thing I should probably mention here (wow, I have too many blogs): Bloof Books now has a Facebook group. Sign up for (infrequent) news and event invitations. Danke.

It's back to the writing-about-shoes factory for me...

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