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Sunday, August 5, 2007

Where I Am Not Going

To Portugal though I'd really like to, to be a star, to Hell, to be a taco next Halloween, to hug that girl like crazy, to get across to your neck of the woods so I can hold a reflector for you on one of those shoots, to cut someones balls off at microsoft, to lose it!!!!!!!, to keep up the good work, to tell you a secret (I just had to download this bad boy), to f---ing kill Google, to make it up there this time!, to rip this damn computer apart and look for the gremlins, to win big so big it's burning a hole right through me, to try every last one this time, to snap on this heifer at work, to eat this entire gallon of Blue Bell rocky road (prefer Vanilla), to read this before I die, bridezilla on some eBay seller ass in about two seconds, to bed early and sober, to give birth to a kitten if my oldest boy ever says anything like this to me I damn near fell over one evening, to cry, to be one of those ppl who turns 30 and has a midlife crisis, to end up being the 300lbs vegan if I'm not careful, to puke, to run 9 miles in a few days, to get angry if I see something like it, to bite you hard and taste your tinny blood if you don't stop the self-defeating lies you've been repeating since the day you brought me, for Lasik once I turn 21 I hate putting on spectacles, to clobber him with my Floppy Bat, to simply have them declawed, to see one more lifesize hip-wiggling plastic santa, to start a Bitches Club and it's not going to be for women only, to marry Talina Atfield, to just create a rule to bounce emails regarding Ubuntu, to jump into the line grab a book and start SPOILING ALL OF YOU IF YOU DON'T SHUT UP ABOUT THE STUPID BOY WHO LIVED, to jump in front of a bus, and I am so not going there.

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