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Friday, August 3, 2007

Not much to say...

...apparently. Been busy catching up since I got back.

And catching up I have been, because I just uploaded and ordered test copies of A Gringo Like Me second edition. Rawk. Now it's on to correcting the proofs for Drunk by Noon. Then I'll be sending my MS For Girls out to my editorial board (i.e. some of you lovely people) for comments. Moving along nicely, yes. (Uh, except I still haven't done my Dusie chapbook. I decided I disliked the poems I'd written for it rather intensely, so I'll have to come up with something else. I don't like being late, but I really just can't put those poems out; they will not do.)

One notable happening to report from my vacation in Maine last week: one day out in the kayaks in the bay, a pair of harbor porpoises hung out with us for nearly 10 minutes, swimming all around and under the boats. We'd seen them in the distance earlier in the day, on the way out to an island, but I didn't expect them to get close. Like the harbor seals, they're usually pretty wary. On the way back in to the falls, they surfaced behind me, and I heard them before I saw them, puffing air as they arced. (They are also called "puffing pigs" or "snuffers" because of this noise. And they loooooooove herring.) Gray with a bluish tint and white sides and belly and a small triangular dorsal fin. I could have touched them they were so close, but I thought better of it. Obviously I didn't have a camera in the boat with me, but they look like this. They must have been younger ones, because they were only about 4 or 4.5 feet long, and I read they get up to six. Anyway, it was "special."

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