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Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Weekly Box: Week Ten

The heirloom tomato harvest. Ten pounds of spotted greens, bumpy pinks, blushing yellows, coral oranges & bitty grape-tomato bites. Also bell peppers in almost as many colors. Bunches of basil & cilantro, too, & onions, garlic, yes, gazpacho. Long curvaceous eggplants to go with the more matronly ones from last week & last week's zucchini, we'll also have some ratatouille (with feta [cashew] cheese). Two pounds of potatoes too, the smallest I could choose, bright yellow inside for smashing with some of the herbs & garlic. I forgot to tell you about melon week, two weeks ago now: a black melon that opened to a seedless deep punch pink, a veiny musk melon (they're not really cantaloupes) I could smell every time I opened the back door to the kitchen, a zigzagged watermelon with golden innards, & oh the juice from all collected into a bowl & made into spritzers with mint.

(Camera still broken. My phonecam will have to do.)

*[This post has been modified because I have since gone vegan.]

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