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Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Special Physiology

Say, for sake of argument
that to lighten her cares
a girl ceases altogether
to be fickle

She will stop
working too hard

She will settle her heart
into the cradle
of someone else’s
& not be aimless or scant

All dear girls linger
upon this point

At first

A girl loses
many particles over time
like any article
that can become worn out

She teases eventually
every unfrayed fiber
by use of it

On the other hand,
if she were never
to employ herself
to any end at all

her body would hang
around herself
as the sleeve hangs
on an underdeveloped arm

An ideal girl
learns or intuits
her elastic pattern
of use & ease

She will end as
she never knew she began

the daughter
of no mother but herself

From For Girls (& Others), Bloof 2008

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