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Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Head Needs Rather to Be Kept Cool

Situate yourself
alone for longer
than an hour apart
without speaking

The air wants words in it

The house around
adrift, surrounds
surges close

In front of the millinery
the street is spread
with late spring snow,
bristles with girls in hats

Unfold this shuttered voice

& when solitude’s good pupil
chooses unfrivolous company
endeavor to
                         bare it

From For Girls (& Others), Bloof 2008


  1. Interesting concept or view on the context. I liked you word choices as imagery was brought out well to me the reader.

    I rather liked the line "Unfold this shuttered voice" as it gave me a kernel to perhaps a poem of my own.

    was nice to come across your site.


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