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Friday, January 30, 2009

I'll try to come up with 25 newer random things...

...because I feel like I've done this (or something similar) a few times before. :) I've tagged you back, Steve. But so many people have been tagged at this point, I think I'll just leave it open for whoever else on my friends list feels like responding.

1. For breakfast I had a mango/banana/peach/orange/spinach concoction, having recently joined the Cult of the Green Smoothie.

2. I'm a vegan.

3. I'm probably older than you think I am.

4. I read a lot of science fiction & "speculative" fiction.

5. I also read a lot of nonfiction, lately mostly science/technology, nutrition and food politics.

6. I haven't read much poetry in the last 6 months or so, but it's a phase. I feel it coming to an end.

7. Which also means I haven't written much poetry lately. (Though I've been writing prose.)

8. I can (hand)write with both hands, but their styles are different.

9. I generally write with my right hand though, which is slightly dominant. Many other things I do with my left.

10. I read lips, because my hearing is, shall we say, ROTTEN. But I am not yet willing to spring for 3K hearing aids. (Why, oh why, aren't hearing aids covered by health insurance? They're sure as hell not cosmetic.)

11. At one point I was enrolled in culinary school, but dropped out before my first semester. I love to cook, but didn't really want to be a professional chef. I'm too indolent.

12. In college, my minor was Religious Studies, which I changed to Philosophy because I believed none of it.

13. Most of the rest of my family is very religious. My grandfather was a preacher, and so is my brother-in-law.

14. I'm 5' 11".

15. I've never met a vegetable I didn't like. But I'm a supertaster of onions, so I usually cut them way down in recipes and can only abide scallions or red onion raw.

16. I have a high tolerance for chile peppers.

17. Seventeen is my favorite number (but was not, by any means, my favorite age).

18. I wish I had more time to sew. In high school I designed many of my own clothes, including my prom dresses. My grandmother worked as a sewist, and my mom & aunt are also excellent. I tend to buy fabric, make sketches, and collect vintage patterns, but let them sit in a box in the closet.

19. I began working at 15, to help my single mother with expenses. I worked full time to put myself through both college and grad school (along with the extremely welcome help of fellowships, scholarships & loans each time). I have only been without a job for approximately 6 nonconsecutive months since then, and I'm likely to have more than one job at a time.

20. This is because I hate money. I feel afraid when I don't have any, and guilty when I do.

21. A brief history of my (paying) jobs: restaurant jobs at Whataburger, Alvin Ords Sandwich Shop, Mazzio's Pizza, and Las Casas Mexican Cantina; perfume girl at Dillard's; paving crew for a construction company (at the same time as the perfume job--quite a double life); record store employee, then manager; bookstore employee, then manager; publicity and editorial assistant for a division of Random House; fashion copywriter for J.Crew, Banana Republic & Macy's catalogs and websites (at different times); publicity director/editor/associate publisher for Soft Skull Press; freelance writer; freelance editor; freelance copywriter; freelance book designer. (Most of the poetry-related work I've done has been unpaid.)

22. This list is taking alot of time. I need to get to the gym and then work on a book design assignment, #21 reminds me!

23. I love being outside, but hate crowds and need lots of privacy and quiet. As many things as I love about NYC, living in Brooklyn 12 years was actually quite a struggle for me! I'm happier out here (with the trees!) in NJ, but within pretty easy commuting distance.

24. My favorite color to wear (right now) is purple.

25. I enjoy reading other people's lists, so I hope you make one too.

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