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Friday, January 23, 2009

Good thing I make my own peanut butter.

It's just crushed nuts, you know. Got a blender or food processor? You too can be fancy and save several dollars a jar. Anyway, I don't like sugar or salt in mine.

You'd hardly know it from the reports, but Salmonella is fecal-borne. (I just wanted to say that.) It's not like inherent to the peanuts. The problem is cross-contamination, probably mice or something in the production facility. That's also what happened with the spinach, and jalapenos before. Contaminated water and/or wild boar hooves. The boogies are of always animal origin. These reporters should consult some kind of reference book occasionally.

There are peanut-specific contaminants though, notably a kind of mold that is a powerful carcinogen. Yum!

Food reporting is fascinating, but in a way that kind of makes my stomach hurt. I'm now officially a food-politics & nutrition wonk.

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