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Friday, December 21, 2007

Texmas break

I'm doing laundry & packing for my annual sojourn to the native state for Texmas, where we'll sit in shirtsleeves in the backyard but still build a fire in the fireplace on Christmas Eve just because. It doesn't get dark till 7:00PM and the rooster crows (um, a literal rooster) around 5:30AM on beautiful scarfless, gloveless days. I'm looking forward to seeing my family & to sleeping without wool socks.

Be safe, if you are traveling.

Before I go, a few things:
A review of For Girls (& Others) at Allen Bramhall's new review blog. (Thanks, Allen!)

Three poems from For Girls (& Others) are up at Sina Queyras's blog, with a mini interview to follow. (Thanks, Sina!)

Somehow I've managed to hang in through the elimination rounds in C. Dale's year-end Caption Contest. Today will be the final showdown between myself & RJ Gibson. We've received the pics and they're great, but I gotta say, this is the most difficult contest so far. The audience voting puts contestants in a position to campaign, but it's really tough to come up with something original when you get one shot per photo and can't see what the competition is offering. (In the past I tended to get lucky with judge Joseph, who seems to share my sense of humor, and always took a blanket approach with multiple captions!) Anyway, check Avoiding the Muse throughout the day today to vote in the final rapid-fire rounds.

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