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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Euphemism, anyone?

One of the things I love about living out here is that I can disappear into the woods (a feeling I've greatly missed the past dozen years in Brooklyn). To have my line of sight completely free of buildings, my auralscape completely free of traffic noise, music, construction machinery, or any other sounds of so-called civilization. It's difficult to describe, but the sensation is one of blankness and fullness simultaneously, of relaxation and stimulation at once. Probably seems a bit hokey, but folks who grew up or spent formative years in rural areas likely know what I mean. (I've met native NYers who are utterly creeped out by natural sound--which is never silence!--and open spaces.)

There's a great park a couple blocks away that's about 1/4 landscaped and 3/4 open field & woods, complete with wild fruit trees, berry bushes, & critters. Within a 5 minute drive in any direction there are public lands, farmland & wildlife preserves, trails on the watershed, and privately owned parcels that nevertheless remain open to walking visitors.

But the past two weekends I have been thwarted by ominous flourescent signs suggesting I wear Safety Orange on my hikes.

Because "deer management" is in progress.

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