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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

We promise not to bore you, befuddle you, or drone on tooooooooo long.

Bonus: We do not read in "the poetry voice." Unless we are kidding.

Jennifer "El" Knox & I are starting to book some readings for the fall when our new books are out. Probably not as many as last time. That was nuts (but the fun kind of nuts).

Confirmed so far: Buffalo & Brooklyn (at least twice). Also Jen will be going to DC & Tallahassee.

We be driving, so allllllllll that distance to Buffalo would be better with more than one gig.

Anybody in Toronto or Saratoga Springs or Ithaca or upthataway wanna play, say late Oct?

Anybody else, anywhere else?

Holla, puhlezze. [Email in upper right.]

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