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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Radio silence

I'm OK (thank you), but busy, preoccupied with nonblog/offline things, & sort of in a sheltering mood.

Saying no isn't easy. Particularly when what you're turning down is both attractive *and* repugnant: I'd like to say yes, because I'm an idealist. But I have to say no for the same reason. Sometimes I wish I were *that person,* but (as I find it tiresome & useless to object) I am not.

Also, I had a major computer meltdown over the weekend thanks to some corrupted fonts & the generally fucked organization of the hard drive by somebody I never should have let within 10 feet in the first place, curses. I should have fixed this a long time ago, but it's gonna take DAYS, so I keep procrastinating. At least one partition needs to be completely wiped & rebuilt to really fix the mess.

Maine Escape 2007 begins next Friday though. & even though I don't need it as desperately as I usually do this time of year (we can thank county-road living for that, yes) I'm nevertheless SO READY. I've already been stacking up books to take. Big fat ones.

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