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Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Lovely weekend so much outdoors hardly inside at all with Maureen & Charlie & David & Stacy & Dot & Mr. Benchley & my honey. Canoeing (deer, frogs, geese, turtles) bbqing a couple of farmstands (strawberries, tomatoes, asparagus, flowers, there were goats and ducks and rabbits and a very tiny horse and a very decrepit old sheep, there are pictures) a walk in the park (we spotted a deer) a rainstorm a power failure some candles but nobody knew any ghost stories.

Now I'm back at work and trying to finish up some poetry things, an essay for Poet's Bookshelf 2, my Dusie chap, the resizing of A Gringo Like Me for its Bloof edition, and working on For Girls. Then there is the reading (been reading novels) Anne's Selected Dreams and Alice Notley's Alma, or the Dead Women and Danielle's My Zorba (oh!) and Maureen's Applies to Oranges (oh!) and the Dusie chaps that have so-far arrived, two more novels (new DeLillo, new Murakami, go now) after or during that.

Summer is here. I can tell because I'm piling up books for the porches and wearing my seersucker jacket.

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