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Saturday, April 12, 2008

The refractory period of my excitable membrane

Got back home early Friday A.M. Spent most of yesterday zombielike or napping! That drive from Fargo to Milwaukee in sideways rain was a beeyotch, y'all. Pictures, reports, recordings and other goodies here, with more to come.

But the tour's not actually quite over.

Jen & I go to Binghamton, NY on Thursday.
Danielle comes to Brooklyn on Friday.
And you can catch me reading unpublished, unexpurgated flarf (so, like, the opposite of For Girls) with the Drew Gardner Flarfestra at the Flarf Festival on Saturday 4/26 in Manhattan. (Catch the whole festival if you want your poetry nerve singed and tickled. It's gonna RAWK.)

Details here.

Other than getting ready for that stuff, I'm preparing the review copy mailing for My Zorba and looking forward to starting work on Sandra's book for fall.

I fell behind on NaPoWriMo while on the road, but am hoping to catch up by doing 2 a day for a while. UPDATE:Three today, so I'm getting there. Gonna keep posting them on the Bloof blog, because that's what people have linked in their NaPoWriMoBloRos. But since I'm back at my computer they'll be expiring in 24 hrs like previous years.

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