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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Equinox

Somebody told the bulbs, because I can see allium poking through the potting mix in the big purple pot on the front porch, and the purple shamrocks from last year in the kitchen window have woken up again too. This weekend, I might just plant some things on purpose. Hoping the spikes (an ornamental grass) will come in strong in the back garden too because those are cool. The gnome has been bored with nothing to tend.

The house next door is for rent. The one across the street is finally being prepped to sell.

Wrapping up the Bloof tour details. We were shut out of Minneapolis by the Alex Lemon mafia. (I kid, I kid.) So though we'll probably stop there on the way to Far(to)go, we won't be reading, unless somebody wants us in their living room!

Marvin (that'd be my cat) had surgery yesterday but it hasn't slowed him a bit. If anything, he seems to be more energetic than before, despite the stitches. The vet shaved M's foreleg for the IV so he looks a bit poodly.

Still have a bunch of vacation-lag emails to get through. Patience is a smurf juice.

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