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Monday, October 29, 2007

Soup season

Yesterday I baked a pumpkin from the farm, as well as a big ugly green-hulled winter squash (not sure of the name), seasoned with salt, pepper, and smoked paprika; threw in a couple of whole garlic cloves to roast alongside. The plan was to puree the lot with some tomatoes and stock and maybe a chipotle or two for a soup.

But while the gourds were softening and carmelizing in the oven, I started in on a gumbo z'herbs, making a deep brown roux (45mins and then some); cooking some rice; chopping up the trinity veggies to saute in butter [Earth Balance*]; simmering collards, kale, mustard, and mixed braising greens (all from the farm too) with tomato juice; and whizzing up a seasoning puree of garlic, tomatoes, basil, oregano, thyme, cayenne, allspice, cloves. When the roux was ready I added it to the simmering greens and tomato juice, let it thicken on low, then added the seasoning puree and let it all mingle a while. Not that it needed it, but I browned some [soy*] sausage and put that aside. When the gumbo base was all done, it was ready to be thinned with [vegetable*] stock and ladled over the rice. OMG was that good.

But it took so long I never finished the pumpkin soup I'd started. I peeled and stored the pieces in the fridge, laid the seeds out to dry (to roast with spices later this week), and I guess I'll finish that Wednesday. I'm not going to commute, since Halloween's a half day at the office.

I can't believe we get farm veggies all the way through November. This has got to be the best deal on the organic planet.

What should I be for Halloween?

*[This post has been modified because I have since gone vegan.]

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