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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Poll results

Some supposedly interesting findings:

A) "FillText" was preferred equally by both men and women
B) "PhysEd" was preferred by men
C) "Miss America gets a perm" was preferred by men
D) "Castle with pansies & swans" was preferred by women

Since more men than women voted, B) and C) tied for People's Choice, though I think A) may have edged them out by late yesterday.

Among the voters who have actually read the poems, C) was found to be all wrong tonewise (too funny, unless the man was cropped out).

D) raised concerns the irony might be lost (though I think the pansy-headed fairy on the back cover might have solved that problem).

B) apparently looks too much like Pattie McCarthy's Verso, which I hadn't seen.

Graphic designers & bookstore employees preferred A) as looking least like a poetry collection and as being most distinctive in general.

I have through Wed. to decide for sure, but I think I will be going with A)--it was tied with D) as my personal fave all along anyway. It will be getting a few further tweaks. I will post it when it's final.

Thanks to everybody who weighed in, here or backchannel. It was a big help.

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