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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Back from Buffalo & Brooklyn

DIY Pays Off
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Buffalo was a freaking blast. Kevin & Aaron are fun hosts, Rust Belt's backroom stage with its beetle-jigsawed podium, mural-painted wall, & cooler full of cheap beer constituted a real swank setup, the folks were all welcoming & funny, & I picked up some House Press stuff from the great local section, as well as Michael Kelleher's Human Scale, & Aaron Belz's The Bird Hoverer.

More photos here & some from Aaron Belz too.

The Brooklyn reading was awesome too, but I'm not sure there's photographic evidence. Nicole always packs the place with lovely attentive not-afraid-to-hoot-n-holler people. Many books were sold, then we hit Snacky & I crashed at my sister's place while the Prius napped safely in Greenpoint.

Hey, if you're near DC, do *not* miss Jennifer L. Knox tomorrow night, with Aaron Belz (again), Peter "Funcie from Muncie" Davis (with whom we overlapped Friday nite, damnit), & Michael Schiavo at Burlesque.

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