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Saturday, June 2, 2007

Done & next

Essay done & delivered. DIY updated again. Dishes washed. Gym attended (ouch).

Today I've *got* to gather some poems into groups to go to the lovelies who have asked for them. I don't know why I am so bad about this lately. It is difficult to let go of them, or if not difficult, just easier not to. Or I am preferring a longer ripening time. Or shit, maybe I'm just too busy, as usual. The writing is getting done. It's the revising/finishing that's drifting. A phase, whatever the matter, I suppose.

Also to continue work on my Dusie chap & the Gringo resizing & other things bloofy.

I'll have to figure a way to do these things *outside,* however. It's just too beautiful to stay in.

Our farm share begins paying out in vegetal goodness next week. We've already had some pick-your-own strawberries. Well, ok, the neighbor children picked them, but there were still delicious, sun-warmed & sticky.

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