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Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Burlesque in DC was really fun, if a bit of a whirlwind trip. (Thanks for coming out, y'all! & very nice to meet you & you & you & you, putting faces to bloggers at last.) I swapped for a couple of new books but spent all my train time back in a doze, so later for those.

Reb & Carly, I mean Gilda & Lolita, have perfected the art of seduction. Fine dining in a relaxed atmo, splashy drinks, a romantically lit private lounge in a swank hotel bar, teasingly lead up to the kill moment: 3 dozen people shouting TAKE IT OFF TAKE IT OFF at you! (I could have just as easily complied had they been shouting PASS RIGHT OUT PASS RIGHT OUT, btw, but managed to pull it off.)


Hey, my sis has a buncha new earrings up in her Etsy shop.

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