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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Great things

1. Last weekend I lost my keys somewhere inside a one-million square-foot Costco warehouse store. THEY HAVE JUST BEEN FOUND.

2. Yesterday was my one-year anniversary of going vegan. BEST DECISION EVER. Never felt better, in both body and mind. (More on this later.)

3. It's a beautiful day. I am going outside to run.

4. I have not yet missed a day in the April poems game. I think this is only the second year (of 5) that I have made it this far without a stumble. So they're drafty, and not all keepers, WHO CARES?

5. My friends are fantastic. I LOVE THEM.

6. These five things are doing a whole lot to buoy me up from under all the crap stuff I am not posting. Much needed!

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