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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Maybe I should change the name of this blog to:

Intentionally Boring

Willfully Antisocial

Lackluster Fling

Poos You Can't Even Use

My Attention Suffers Multiple Fractures

I Prefer the Farm or the Garden

I Dislike Being Gawked At These Days

Where There's No Action, There's No Gossip

I Am Reading Nonfiction & YA Fiction Instead Because Poetry Has Gotten On My Nerves

I Can No Longer Feel You Out There, or When I Can I Find It Uncomfortable

Summer Lazies

Maybe After I Get Back from Maine

I Don't Give a Fuck about Any Conferences

Entertainment Devauled

Look Into My Blank

Rural Motorcycle Gangs Are More Exciting

Malcontent and Proud of It

A Sense of Obligation Is a Surefire Killer of Joy

Thank You for Formerly Listening

I'd Rather Be Reading Anne Boyer

YouTube Has Free Guided Meditations. Some Are Even Good.

I Can't Wait to See Dark Knight, Except It's Sold Out at IMAX in Philly

Zucchini Expert

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