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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Feed me

I've decided to abandon the blogroll, which has recently crossed the smudgy threshhold between new-fangled and old school. I can't update it easily, or not easily enough to keep up with all the moving around and new additions. So I'm gonna delete it on the next site update (really hoping to get to that soon; it's musty in here).

Instead, I am finally succumbing to the subscription model. I eat your feeds.

Which means, if you have a blog on a private domain and haven't set up a feed (Reen!) or have a blogspot blog without the feed turned on (check your settings in your dashboard), you are leaving me hungry.

I get cranky when I'm hungry.

What else? Reading Cathy Park Hong's <i>Dance, Dance, Revolution</i> (review to come in <i>Galatea Resurrects</i>), doing the final proofreading on <i>My Zorba</i>, hammering out the last few details of Bloof Invades the Midwest for April, and really really really really looking forward to a little cabin in the woods for a week, beginning next Friday. Internetlessness, here I come. Planning to emerge on the other side with new poems, or die trying.

What are you up to? I've had my head down. Missing ya.

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