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Sunday, February 3, 2008

AWP bookfair

Yesterday was the only day I was actually allowed into the bookfair, since I didn't have a badge. Got there around noon and tried to--but didn't quite--make the rounds of all three floors. I'd had enough by 3:15 or so, and anyways was out of money. My book bag was so heavy I really couldn't manage it anymore! From top to bottom:

Open Box by Carla Harryman (Belladonna, 2007)

The Grand Piano, Vols. 2-5, by Armantrout, Benson, Harryman, Hejinian, Mandel, Pearson, Perelman, Robinson, Silliman, and Watten (Mode A/This Press, 2007)

Anchiote Seeds: Winter 2008, anthology, edited by Craig Santos Perez & Jennifer Reimer (Anchiote, 2008)

Novaless by Nicholas Manning (Anchiote, 2007)

Across & Between the Void by Padcha Tuntha-obas & Alysha Wood (Anchiote, 2008)

Brenda Is in the Room by Craig Morgan Teicher (Colorado, 2007)

Unexplained Presence by Tisa Bryant (Leon Works, 2007)

Black Stone by Dale Smith (Effing Press, 2007)

a new quarantine will take my place by Johannes Goransson (Apostrophe, 2007)

Emptied of All Ships by Stacy Szymaszek (Litmus Press, 2005)

Notes for My Body Double by Paul Guest (Bison Books/U of Nebraska, 2007)

How to Be Perfect by Ron Padgett (Coffee House, 2007)

The Marvelous Bones of Time by Brenda Coultas (Coffee House, 2007)

A Murmuration of Starlings by Jake Adam York (Southern Illinois/Crab Orchard, 2008)

mauve sea-orchids by Lila Zemborian, translated by Rosa Alcala & Monica de la Torre (Belladonna Books, 2007)

Oh One Arrow and A Sing Economy, anthologies, (Film Forum Press, 2007 and 2008 respectively)

The Collected Fiction of Kenneth Koch edited by J. Davis, K. Koch & R. Padgett (Coffee House, 2005)

Got to chat with many friends--some formerly virtual only. But as is always the way, not everybody I would have liked to have seen. It's just too big and sprawling. (Heard many people still wishing aloud for a poetry-only alternative to make it easier to focus.)

This is the only other pic I have permission to post, as of yet:

Me, in the supersecret hidden women's lounge on the bottom floor of the Hilton.
Perfect for frequent breaks from the madness, since I never once saw anybody else in here.

I didn't take any bookfair shots--my hands were too full of books.

Hopefully the participants in Friday's pageant will OK a few of those pics. Though I think Reb got more than I did, so check in with her too.

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