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Wednesday, August 25, 2010


So you know how when you "complete" a manuscript, but then you can't help yourself and keep writing more that fits in the series that is already 30-poems long?

Yeah, well, I am doing that. I'm just gonna go with it. It'll be out in February (Bloof, 2011). It's gonna be called THE SEAM ROVERS.

There's gonna be a preview chapbook, of mainly poems from the other sections, like a sneak peak, and a set list for the tour. It's at the printer right now. It's called Good Morning, Romantics. It will be sold/gifted/swapped only on the book tour, in a numbered sum of 50.

It will probably look like this:

But I am testing 2 other covers and might change it. If you have an opinion, well shit, that's what the comment boxes are for.

It feels so quaint to be typing things into this old-timey blog. Hi people.

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