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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Status updates

Woke after only one snooze, because we had to make time to vote
Chilly, dressed in robe
Went downstairs for coffee; not ready yet
Saw unopened package from poet on table; eek! reminded me I needed to send her something back
Opened package and looked through chapbook while waiting for coffee; received coffee
Drank coffee while reading chap, checking email (deleting, not answering), checking weather, & looking over sample ballot
Campaign-worker friend texted to remind us to vote; joked with her about opponent & wished her good luck at her site today
Read candidates' statements on back of ballot by previously unheard-of candidates: libertarian likes pot legalization and gay marriage but also wants to abolish public schools and all taxes; one of the independents bills himself as "one man on the Internet" and spends part of his 500 words recommending his favorite you-tube videos, ooooookay; finished coffee :(
Jumped up to go shower; washed hair (roots only), conditioned, combed, etc.
More grooming; moisturizing
Dressed in outfit chosen during shower; not pleased; changed into alternative outfit; still not pleased; added belt. That's better: short-sleeve turtleneck sweater in "Prince Purple" (remembered the tag), black ponte knit trousers (admired fit), black flats with trouser socks, wide black faux reptile belt (yay Betsey Johnson) over sweater; considered; judged uninspired but serviceable for work & I gotta get movin
Downstairs to make breakfast x 2: half grapefruit, half banana, watermelon chunks, whole grain toast with peanut butter, carrot juice
Ate breakfast with S; took multivitamin, D2, and vegan DHA; discussed grapefruit's weird interaction with some drugs, none of which we take, and some other estrogen-related effect I can't remember but am not worried about
Cleaned up breakfast things, sort of; no time to empty & reload dishwasher
Brushed teeth
Repacked bag with book (from bedside), all other things still in bag from yesterday
Put on coat
While waiting for S, went to front porch and used ladder to finish removing skull banners from Halloween
Folded ladder; no time to put back in closet on back porch
S came out; grabbed my bag and two packages for post office
Walked to post office on the way to our polling place
Walked to polling place; damn, we could have driven and saved a few minutes--plenty of parking
Chatted with elderly election day volunteers, one of which asked about my accent
Voted, #157
Waited for S to vote
Walked back to house; got in car
Rode in car to train station; applied makeup in car; listening/discussing Atlas Sound CD
Parked, waited for train
Caught train; read news on phone; checked political blogs, mildly fretting re: election in NJ and gay rights initiatives in ME and WA
Stared out window, enjoying sun on my side of train
Listed to S laugh; noticed his ears turned red he was laughing to so hard and his book; adorable, said so, receiving embarrassed mock scowl
Messed around on phone some more; didn't feel like pulling out book or Bloof MS with only 15 minutes left
Arrived at Penn Station
Walked to office--warmer today! Sunny!
[Hours passed, uneventfully]
Thought about where to get lunch, and wondered if it were warm enough to sit outside
Decided, left building; answer to warm enough question: not really
Realized that right now is best time to be walking though Times Square; summer/fall tourism seems slack, Xmas madness not yet begun
Smiled at a family posing for pics with Spongebob Squarepants (with cute pedicab driver looking on, laughing)
Got lunch; scored a small table by window
Ate lunch: steamed collards, kale salad with pumpkin seeds, marinated mushrooms, hummus & small carrot-ginger soup
Browsed Facebook accounts, made a couple comments; looked through high-school friend's retro photos
Browsed news; no election updates
Finished lunch; walked back to office without zipping coat; the sun was awesome today
Washed hands, primped, etc.
Made green matcha tea (thought how sweet it was for S to pack tea box for me last week because I always forget--this experiment is making him look good! :))
Got back to work, enjoying tea
Boredom soon set in
Problems with photo server
Browsed recipes for cabbage on Vegetarian Times (great free database and you can click vegan)
Worked some more; not many emails today (to go unanwered, ha ha)
S emailed re: possible vacation spot; I agreed, but we decided to wait for more replies
Worked some more
Hit the proverbial wall upon seeing a top and thinking "Wow, that's hideous" and deciding I should stop writing for the day
Texted S to see if he could leave yet
Walked to Penn Station
Waited for & caught train
Checked for election results on phone; nothing yet
Read on the train: Savage Season (almost finished); too brain dead to work on Bloof stuff; My attention span for anything technical is pretty short after a full day of describing garment details, them's the breaks

[Finished Weds. morning:]
Rode in car from station
Arrived home; changed
Snacked on hummus & flax crackers because I didn't feel like making dinner yet
Turned on MSNBC to check election news; watched part of Keith; watched part of Rachel; fretted Christie was ahead; no news on ME or WA yet
Made dinner: quickie stir-fry (without the fry) of napa cabbage, red pepper, carrot & tofu with leftover brown rice; ate watching Rachel
Three truffles to ease election fretting
Cried out in pain when MSNBC called NJ for that asshole; retreated to bed in dismay
Washed, brushed, read until Savage Season was finished; started Why They Kill; too grumpy to get into it; went to sleep surprisingly quickly

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