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Monday, September 28, 2009

This weekend / Next weekend

This weekend we went foraging in two different woods near our house. In the first, we amassed a great store of black walnuts, a couple of cups of spicebush berries, a few beech nuts, and ate wild grapes and autumn olives right off the stem. In the second, we hit a treasure trove of shagbark hickory nuts and more black walnuts.

We also met a man walking two dampened shih tzus (it was drizzling) who did for us his very funny fox imitation. They are omnivores and love the grapes. This makes sense since they are canines.

You already know some of this if we are facebook friends. There are also pictures there.

Next weekend, I am reading with Nada Gordon and Amy King at the Grand Central Library in NYC. Details here. (Scroll down to Oct 3.) Looking forward to that, even if nobody will be doing fox impressions, because the performances are sure to rawk.

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