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Saturday, May 9, 2009

On tomorrow

It's been a rough week for the homeboys, and I'm going back. Going back without going there, not revisiting rethinking redoing reliving. An urgent errand. My mom was supposed to come for a visit this week, come to us. But she needs us to go to her instead, amid a tangle of surgeons of cascading procedures the bills in a fat stack. To mow a lawn, to cook a meal, to change a dressing, to put a car in the shop. To hug a sister. To kiss a niece. To know the heat like a homestate. We think of Jake. We think of Craig. Our Mothers are insert cliche, all true. Think of yours, and tell her you mean it. Momma, we're on the way.

UPDATE: Thank you for your notes & calls, dear people! Mom is home now & doing better, though her meds make her a little nauseated. (Hopefully ginger can offer a fix; I'm going to get some now.) I should be flying home tomorrow afternoon, with back-up sister/aunt/RN friend to take my place as needed. Because there's a certain wedding I'm soooooooo looking forward to this holiday weekend. How in need we all are of a party! Yay love! xo, s

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