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Saturday, September 13, 2008

For making your way through the muck

If you haven't seen it yet, take a look at PolitiFact.org.

This morning I sent this link to several people whose politics don't jibe with mine, and I got a much better response than I expected. (I usually make it a rule just not to engage on such topics with family, etc.--the arguments are useless and everybody ends up angry or feeling bad.)

I was careful to note the site is nonpartisan and unaffiliated with either party, and that *both campaigns' statements* could be fact-checked there. I noted that I've been feeling frustrated with both campaigns and most of the media, and am worried about the resulting difficulty voters may be having becoming truly informed. (Record turnouts are expected this year, including lots of first-time voters!)

Seemed to get through to folks OK, and nobody responded defensively.

Average reply was "Thanks, great site. We have been feeling frustrated too. I'm going to forward it to my friends."

So there's that.

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